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Moringa Dumstick Tree Seeds

Moringa Dumstick Tree Seeds Description

Detailed Product Description

Buy BEST Quality MORINGA SEEDS From Cultivator / Exporter
MORINGA (Dumstick Tree Seeds / Ben Oil Seeds)
Moringa oleifera seeds are used for agricultural and industrial purposes. Specific varieties of moringa oleifera seeds like pkm1 and pkm2 are used for plantation. The industrial grade seeds are utilized in oil extraction and other related processing industries. Grading and separating the seeds by our quality team exercises a great deal of effort to offer best quality seeds. We offer the best quality PKM moringa seeds for cultivation.
Seed propagated
Annual in habit and bushy in growth
Precocious bearing-within eight months
High productivity (250-350 fruits / tree / year)
Spread harvest (4 months) -Better prices
Pods green and fleshy and non-bitter
Uniform fruit length (1mt) -Easy packing.
Pods non-fibrous and seeds soft even in late harvests
Seeds non-bitter unlike perennial types
Long shelf life (10-12 days) at room temperature
Minimal pod damage in transit due to rubbery texture
Amenable for intercropping in young orchards
Suitable for alley cropping (vegetables and pulses)
Amenable for ratooning twice
Low cost of production
Free from hairy caterpillar and gumming
Soil enrichment through leaf litter-Better successive crops
Suitable for oil extraction (30-35% )
Preferred for curry powder making
Better consumer preference-low fibre, good storage quality, non-bitter
In fact the acceptance of the PKM-1 variety by all sections viz. Consumers, farmers and curry powder industry made commercial Moringa cultivation a viable proposition for small, medium and large farmers alike. Even the corporate sector found the Moringa to be an ideal intercrop to generate income from horticultural estates in the very first year of planting, while perennial fruit trees generate income only after 5-6 years. The escalating demand leading to extended cultivation of the PKM-1 variety contributed to successful commercialisation of this crop.
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