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Nux Vomica Seeds For

Nux Vomica Seeds For Description

Quaker buttons, Poison nut (Semen nucis vomicae) .
Nux vomica consists of the dried, ripe seeds of Strychnos Nux-vomica, Linn.  (N. O. Loganiaceae) , a small tree widely distributed over India and the Malay Archipelago. It produces a fruit resembling a large orange, which contains several seeds embedded in a whitish, bitter pulp. The seeds are removed when ripe, cleansed, dried, and sorted. They are exported chiefly from Cochin, Madras, and other Indian ports. The seeds are also official in the U. S. P. They have the shape of flattened discs, from 2 to 2. 5 centimetres in diameter and about 6 millimetres thick. They are densely covered with closely appressed satiny hairs, radiating from the centre of the flattened sides, which give to the seeds a characteristic sheen. The seeds are very hard, and consist of a copious, dark grey, horny endosperm, in which the small embryo is embedded. They have no odour, but a very bitter taste. A section cut parallel to the radiating hairs, exhibits the characteristic hairs and the cells of the endosperm with very thick walls; the former, which are strongly thickened and pitted at the base, are long and tubular, and bent near the base so as to lie close to the surface of the seed; the upper part of the hair bears longitudinal bar-like thickenings, which are lignified. The powdered drug is characterised by numerous fragments of the nearly transparent thick-walled cells of the endosperm, and fragments of the hairs; the latter are much disintegrated by the pulverisation, the bar-like thickenings being mostly quite separated from one another.